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America Flag All stores owned by the same owner are eligible to participate regardless of franchise affiliation. Welcome to the Dealer Market Place! The Dealer Market Place is an extension of your current purchasing activities allowing you to take the power of your buying and leverage it along with all the members of the Dealer Market Place. Based on this leverage the Dealer Market Place can offer discounted prices to its members. As a member, you will be part of an organization that includes hundreds of dealerships. There is no cost to you to join the Dealer Market Place and membership allows you to purchase from a large and diverse selection of products and services. These products and services are designed to be both expense reductions for your operations and income generating opportunities. In addition to enhancing the profitability of your organization, it provides a higher level of internal control than is ordinarily available in vendor relations. The Dealer Market Place currently has agreements with more than 40 companies comprising over 100 products and services. New products and services will be offered on a regular basis that encompass many of your purchasing needs. The Dealer Market Place will regularly inform your organization of new offerings. As a member, you agree to accept these updates and other general notices through mail services including electronic mail. All Products and Services offered through the Dealer Market Place are offered to members only and by signing a membership agreement, the member agrees to keep pricing and contractual obligations of vendors and Dealer Market Place confidential. Contractual obligations are solely between the member and the supplying vendor and do not include the Dealer Market Place. Vendors will invoice the member directly and members agree to hold the Dealer Market Place, its affiliates and employees harmless in any vendor/member disputes. Members are advised to review all contracts and invoices for acceptance and accuracy. The person signing this agreement is represented by the dealer owner as having the authority to enter into this membership. Dealer Market Place may terminate membership with 30 days written notice. No Representation or Warranty: Dealer Market Place reserves the right to modify the information contained in written or electronic Communication at any time without notice. While Dealer Market Place makes all reasonable efforts to insure that all material is correct, accuracy cannot be guaranteed and Dealer Market Place does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or authenticity of any information contained in its written communications or on DealerMarketPlace.Com. This site and all information and materials, is provided to you "as is" without warranty of any kind.

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Think Your Deal Is Better? Let Us Know, So We Can Beat It!
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