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Dealer Market Place FAQs

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Q1. What is Dealer Market Place® ?
A1. A group purchasing organization or with currently over 500 Auto Dealers as Members Purchasing since 2003

Q2. What are the benefits of being a Member of Dealer Market Place® ?
1. Free to Join and no ongoing costs! Unlike competitors Marketplace!
2. Reduce expenses and increase gross profit opportunities with the purchasing power of over 600 Dealerships Nationwide (and currently growing at over 40% annually)
3. Approximately 40 vendors offer over 100 products and services – You pick and Choose
4. You can expect a significant savings (an average discount of 20% on products and services)
5. Membership includes FREE cost analysis comparison between your current vendor and our preferred vendor. We do the “Grunt Work” for you while you take care of business.
6. We have over 19 years of experience with and as Auto Dealers.
7. As membership grows, greater leverage and savings to all auto dealers.
8. All of Dealer’s Stores are eligible regardless of franchise affiliation.

Q3. What products and services can I buy through Dealer Market Place® ?
A3. There are currently over 40 companies offering over 100 products and services to Dealer Market Place
Bulk Oil, Uniforms, Priority Mailing, Paint and Fabric Protection, Window Etch, Tire Warranty, ID THEFT PROTECTION, Chemicals, Bulk Brake Cleaner, Environmental Waste Management, Gap Insurance, Credit Card Processing, Check Guarantee Services, Message on Hold, Vending, Drug/Background Checks, Office Supplies, Copiers, Fax Machines, Human Resource Consulting, GOJO Hand Soap, Paper Products, Movado, Cutter & Buck, Cross, IT Services like Long Distance, Local Phone and Data Services, Computers and Related Items and Web Site Production and Maintenance and many more.
Dealer Market Place adds new vendors regularly. Check the current vendor directory on line at for the latest offerings.

Q4. What does it cost to join Dealer Market Place® ?
A4. It is free to join Dealer Market Place and there is no annual fee

Q5. Why should I join Dealer Market Place® ?
A5. We are excited to offer you the ability to leverage the purchasing power of over 600 Dealerships that have joined Dealer Market Place and are already receiving outstanding discounts on many of the MRO (maintenance, repair and operating) items you are already buying. You can expect a significant savings (an average of 20%) by leveraging the purchasing power of Dealer Market Place.
It is Free to Join Dealer Market Place and there is no ongoing cost. You can select from any of 40 vendors offering over 100 products and services in the United States and Canada. Companies like Conoco Phillips, Dell, DHL, G&K, First Payment Systems, Metro-Tech Automotive, NCT and many more . . .
Dealer Market Place strives to aid its members obtain the greatest discount on day-to-day items needed to run a business efficiently and also to offer profit generating items that all aid in improving their bottom-line and operating efficiency.

Q6. How long has Dealer Market Place® been in operation?
A6. 6 years, since 2003.

Q7. How many dealers currently buy through Dealer Market Place® ?
A7. Currently, over 600 auto dealers purchase products and services through a Dealer Market Place vendor. This has grown from 65 in 2003. Dealer Market Place currently has contractual agreements with Subaru and GMAC to provide their Dealers with Dealer Market Place. We have grown at a rate of over 30% annually since 2003.

Q8. What affiliations or promotional alliances does Dealer Market Place® have ?
A8. Dealer Market Place currently has contractual agreements with Subaru and GMAC that endorse Dealer Market Place to their Dealers. This represents 600 and 2,500 dealerships respectively which Dealer Market Place is actively enrolling now. In addition, Dealer Market Place has a promotional alliance with GMATRETAIL provides design, architectural, image, and furniture elements to all GM dealers in the United States.

Q9. Is it affiliated with a manufacturer?
A9. Dealer Market Place is not owned, in whole or in part by any auto manufacturer. Dealer Market Place does have significant relationships with many manufacturers and several contracts to perform services (i.e. Saturn, Subaru and GMAC). Once they have been enrolled, any new or used car franchise is eligible to purchase through Dealer Market Place

Q10. If I join Dealer Market Place® do I have to purchase all items offered? Or what commitment do I need to make?
A10. A dealer joins Dealer Market Place a no cost and pays no fees to Dealer Market Place. The dealer member can decide which if any products and services they would like to purchase and any commitment would be between the vendor and dealer based on what they agreed upon.

Q11. What dealerships are eligible to purchase through Dealer Market Place® ?
A11. Once they have been enrolled, any new or used car franchise is eligible to purchase through Dealer Market Place

Q12. Does Dealer Market Place® bill/invoice the dealership directly?
A12. No, all bill(s)/invoice(s) come directly from the vendor to the dealer.

Q13. What if the dealership has a better deal than Dealer Market Place® ?
A13. If the Dealer has a better deal than Dealer Market Place for any product or service it should contact Chip Thompson (866) 332-5375 and ask that the Dealer Market Place vendor beat their deal. This is What “Better Than Your Next Better Deal means”!

Q14. How does this differ from the State Dealer Association program?
A14. Dealer Market Place makes an effort to work with State Dealer Associations to enhance their programs, but does not get involved in the political or legal discussions of any particular state or area.

Q15. How does this differ from other programs?
A15. We are proven (Over 600 stores and 6 + years of experience). We stress relationships first and technology second. No other program exists in the United States that covers such a broad spectrum of products and services on a national basis.

Q16. Can I belong to more than one program?
A16. You can belong to Dealer Market Place regardless of any other programs you may be enrolled in and regardless of your franchise affiliation.

Q17. How do I recommend a vendor to DMP?
A17. Click on Contact Us using the menu at the top of the page.

Q18. What if I am not an auto dealer, can I still join as a Member?
A18. Yes, Dealer Market Place will accept memberships from referral customers who are not auto dealers.

Q19. How do I remove my name from the mailing list, fax list, or membership service list?
A19. Click on Contact Us using the menu at the top of the page.

Q20. How do I recommend a fellow dealer(s)? Or my Twenty Group? What does that mean to me?
A20. Use the send an Email to a Friend function on the site or contact Chip Thompson using the Contact Us page which you can find using the top menu. The more Dealers that join, the more you'll save!

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Think Your Deal Is Better? Let Us Know, So We Can Beat It!
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